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Girasol Cafe & Bakery

The very first time I visited Girasol, I thought I was going to die. I found myself fighting for my life in the middle of a plate of green chile chicken enchiladas. My eyes watered. My tongue threatened to jump ship. Everything inside of me was screaming for water or milk or ice or anything. 

That was the day I learned that Jessica Higgins is NOT kidding around when it comes to her New Mexican green chile. (Or anything with jalapeno. Or... anything, for that matter.) Lesson Number One: Do not order the spicy foods at Girasol if you are a massive wuss, like me. If you make that mistake, you will be blasted into next week. Or next month, if you order the bacon. And to all the people who CAN handle it, I applaud you. I wish I was more like you. You must have descended from some kind of mythological gods or goddesses. 

Even after my near death experience, I went back to the cafe. And then I went back again. And again. And I went back so many times that everyone working there learned my name, date of birth, and social security number. There were weeks that I was in the cafe every single day. Because what even is money? Like?

The amount of time I spent at Girasol lead to an almost instantaneous friendship with the owner, Jessica. I had never met someone who talked as quickly or had as many sporadic thoughts as she did. I was, and still am, so constantly impressed by her ability to simultaneously run through a kitchen, make the most delicious comfort food, run a register, clear tables, AND sit down to chat with new, and recurring, customers. 

Over the past year, I have watched her make some of the most deliciously gorgeous pastries, cakes, salads, and desserts. In my lifetime, I've made a grand total of three fancy cakes. Each time seemed more difficult than the last and each cake had its own special disaster. I spent a good five hours on a layered caramel cake that drooped over on one side and completely caved in the middle. I took it to my family's Christmas dinner, anyways. 

I've watched Jessica assemble cakes fit for queens in less than fifteen minutes. 

She's awesome. 

As if one person couldn't be amazing enough, she is also an incredibly caring, hardworking, and genuinely kind woman. She shows appreciation to each and every person that walks through her cafe door. (I know this because I spent 57% of 2017 inside of Girasol.) I feel so lucky to be able to call her my friend. 

I also feel extremely lucky to have been able to capture the immense beauty of her work in a set of photos. I mean, if these don't convince you to get in your vehicle and drive straight over to Girasol, I don't know what will. The photos you see here will be featured on her brand new menu boards hanging in the cafe! Woo! (I'm really excited about this.) 

So show some support to an incredible local business by making lunch plans with your boyfriend or your mom or something and head straight over to Girasol. But make them for tomorrow because today is Monday and the cafe is totally closed. Tell Jessica I sent you. 

Because the power of the internet is real.