amarillo wedding photographer

M c K a y

Butter. Vans. Nail Polish. Doodles. Glitter. Ghost stories. Cabins. Fluffy Clouds. Catchlights. Funny Girl. Pepperoni Pizza. GOT. Baby's Breath. Musicals. Soy Milk. People-Watching. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. High-Waisted Anything. Dwight Schrute. Jeeps and Corvettes. Yellow Gold. ModCloth. Black Cats. Manchester Orchestra. Moulin Rouge. French Braids. Shooting Stars. Unicorns. Caramel. Cake-Scented Candles. Blooper Reels. Metallics. Green Smoothies. Cry-Laughing. Fireworks. Ballerinas. f/2.4. And, most of all, Hazel Mae.


amarillo wedding photographer

h a z e l m a e

Hazel is the brightest star in the entire universe. Her smile lights up every corner of the room and her laugh is undeniably contagious. Playing pretend is on the agenda each and every day and picking up pine cones is an absolute MUST. She aspires to be a veterinarian and have hair as long as Rapunzel, live with her mom until she’s 30, and travel to Canada as often as possible.


amarillo wedding photographer goldendoodle


Copper joined the team back in 2014 and traveled all the way from Taos, NM to plant permanent roots in The Cloud Nine Co.’s back yard (and on Hazel’s bed.) He is a professional sneaker and can make large quantities of food disappear from the counter at lightning speeds. He is a Goldendoodle- known for extreme goofiness and doofus-like behavior. He protects McKay by laying next to her in her home office, while she edits wedding photos late into the night.

amarillo wedding photographer goldendoodle

m a p l e

Maple is the newest addition, joining the team in 2017. Like all second children, she doesn’t get photographed as often, which is why her most current photo is… a puppy photo. Believe us when we say that she is a much larger goober, at this point in time. She has the most beautiful red curls and likes to turn in at least forty circles before laying down to sleep. She has an affinity for licking ears, dog and human alike. If you tell her to “sit” over and over, she will eventually do it. She is Copper’s best friend, ally, and partner in many… many… crimes.

The popping of a needle on a record player. 
The feel of a soft newspaper, crinkling between your fingers. 
The static between radio stations, silver knob turning and red needle gliding between numbers. 
Jars of jam, fountain pens, pocket watches. 

There is a special kind of magic that sparks from nostalgia. It's a hazy warmth that you can wrap yourself up in like a quilt your grandma made. It's an escape to a happier time and a vacation you can take whenever you'd like. It's unique to you, as much as your own fingerprint. 

We at The Cloud Nine Co find ourselves reminiscing more often than not. We immerse ourselves in the past with mid-century furniture, floral fabrics, vintage cameras, and big round sunglasses with pink tinted lenses. 

We think a glass of bubbling champagne is romantic, we dream of 1950s soda shops complete with pastel poodle skirts, and we often channel our childhoods. Past memories of dappled summertime sunlight, dog kisses, dial-up internet, leaf boats in flooded gutters, and orange Creamsicles are what we draw inspiration from the most. 

We feel that photo albums, rolls of film, carousels of 35mm slides, and home movies are sacred. More than anything, we want to capture and preserve nostalgic moments and be able to relive the happiest times in life, be it five or fifty years from now. 

All artists have their own style and we are very proud of ours. From our branding, to our editing style, all the way to our customer service, we draw heavily from a vintage era. Our inspiration stems directly from old photographs, beautiful movies, and works of art that overflow with romance. Film grain, light leaks, and lens flares make our hearts race and our eyes sparkle.